What size photographs do you produce on the day of the event?

We print size  6” x 9” and 8”x”12 at most event which are presented in one of our slip-in photo mounts or our customaries cut corner photo mounts. We offer other photo frame options at an additional prize. We print “4×6” at promotional events.

How much does it cost to book a photographer for an event?

Generally we do not charge the event host to attend an event providing that there will be sufficient numbers to make it viable for us. Our revenue comes from selling photos to the public, guests or competitors. For events or shoots where it is not possible for us to sell photos to the public we will be very happy to discuss a fee.

How much does it cost to book Camphoto photographer for a wedding?

Please see our wedding prices here. Prices vary depending on package needs by bride and groom.

How are Photos mounted?

By default we use our bespoke mounts; however we also have the options of using.

Bespoke Photo Wallets branded just for you or Card Strut Mount

As the host of the event, do we need to supply anything at the event?

No, we supply everything required for the event, where photography is concerned.

As the event host, can we pay for photographs in advance so that guest receives a 'free' photograph?

Yes, we can agree in advance a discounted price for a number of photographs before the event; guest will be able to receive these photos at any point throughout the event.

If a price is agreed for an event when will the payment need to be made?

A deposit of at least 30% of the agreed prize will need to be paid at booking for an inclusive event, please speak with bookings manager at booking.

Does the photographer need to view the venue before the event?

For the majority of events this is not necessary; the photographer will arrive in good time on the day and choose how and where to set up their work station. If your event venue is unusual the photographer will visit in advance to discuss your requirements and make a plan.